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Can I choose my own colours? Yes, Happy Bubble Balloons are personalised to match your event’s theme and colors using the material we have available. Should you wish to have custom made designs or colors, we will need more time to process the order and additional charges may incur.


Do you deliver? Yes, we do in Dubai only. For weekdays, we require a minimum order AED 150 and delivery charge is AED 50. For weekends, we require a minimum order of AED  300 and delivery charge is AED 50. For other Emirates, we can quote you a price.


Do you set up? Absolutely. In fact, we only setup on site for big events. We also find our giant balloons are ‘happier’ when brought to life on-site. The Giant balloons (3-foot balloons) require on-site set up.


What if a balloon pops during delivery or set up? A replacement is made automatically. However, once we deliver the balloons in good condition and leave, we can make a replacement, but a charge will incur.


What kind of balloons do you use? We use the best quality balloons from local and global supplies.

What are the balloons inflated with? Happiness in the form of helium and our special potion that makes our balloons live longer. We also sell un-inflated balloons with confetti as part of a DIY kit.


How long will the balloons last? Our balloons can last up to 5 days given they are placed in good conditions away from any direct hear & sunlight and any sharp o. Of course, like children and puppies, you need to handle with care. So, spread the ‘happy’ around and have some friends over after your celebration.


Who are you customers? Everyone! Yes, we specialise in birthday parties, engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers and corporate events, but anyone who fancies a pretty balloon is a friend of Happy Bubble Balloons.


Do you take credit card? At the moment, we are happy to accept cash or cheque as a form or payment or bank transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions